Financial Aid site that may help you.
This site can help you with scholarships
Study Guide Zone
Ever needed help with studying? This site has helpful tips and tricks to save you time and sleep!
Homework Spot
Ever needed help finishing a problem for your homework assignment? Here you can ask questions and get answers.

Enjoy taking pictures? Want to share those images with millions of people and get feedback on your work? Create a free account on Flickr and you are ready to show the world your hidden talent!
Want to share your drawings or photographs with other artists? Here you can create an account to do just that!
Enjoy browsing art/photo's...want to put up your own gallery of photo's/art? Here is a great place to do so!
Here is a site where you can put your skills to the test in creating beautiful artwork using a tool that they provide you with!

Reading Links
Teen Ink
Read articles, books, poems by teens for teens.

Good Reads
Finally you can list all of the books you've read, are reading, or can't wait to read all in one place!

Reading Rants
Ever wanted to read books that aren't that popular, well here is a sight where they list books just like that!

Teen Reads
Another Teen based website where you can talk about books you've read, want to read, or are reading.

Stephenie Meyer
Want to keep up with Stephenie Meyer, here is her Official Website

Want to know more about Christopher Paolini or his Eragon series? Here is the official website where you can do  just that.

Leading site in Manga information!

Shojo Beat
Female based Romance/Humor/Heroine Manga's.

Shonen Jump
Male based Action/Horror/Adventure/Comedy Manga's.

Broccolli Books
Action/Adventure/Magical/Comedy Manga for both Male and Female audiences.